Game Of Thrones Episode 6 – The Ice Dragon Review

Damn you, Game of Thrones.

This review does not contain any spoilers for the game.

If you think you’re going to get a happy ending in this episode, think again. In typical Game of Thrones style, you’ll be beaten down and forced to submit to the sly citizens of Kings Landing and the bloody Whitehills. And it hurts.

Now you’ll probably be saying, that’s pretty much what Game of Thrones is! But after five episodes of cruelty at the hands of the Whitehills, of being constantly beaten down, of rampant death and losing every glimpse of happiness, I wanted some semblance of a victory. I wanted to feel like it was all for a reason. I wanted everything that Rodrick, Mira, Garrett and Asher had fought for, tooth and nail throughout the whole damn thing.

But nope. The Ice Dragon is just as harsh as the rest. It left me reeling about all the possibilities that could have been, about everything leading up to this point, about all the decisions I’ve made and how far we’ve come. Broken romances, fallen heroes, sacrifices and the death of yet another major character. I shouldn’t have ever let myself get invested in the first place.

Now some of these decisions leading up to this point were probably my fault. There were times where I let my pride get in the way, where I chose not to lose my dignity. Where I chose to honorable way out. But this is Westeros, and Westeros doesn’t reward any honesty. Instead, it punishes you by exposing your vulnerability.

I’m disappointed at the lack of closure here, for any of our characters. Instead, The Ice Dragon packs a punch with a war and some tough moral decisions as usual. Want to know about the North Grove? Want to see if you ever defeat the Whitehills? Want to see what the use of everything you did in King’s Landing was? Well too bad. Because The Ice Dragon leaves a gaping wide hole for a sequel.

The Final Verdict

If you came here wondering whether The Ice Dragon was worth playing, you really don’t need to ask if you’ve played the first 5 episodes. I mean it’s definitely worth playing to see how everything goes down, and how your choices thus far have affected the story. But in the end, nothing really matters.

If you’re wondering whether you SHOULD pick up The Game of Thrones Telltale Game, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, if you love to get beaten down at every turn, if you love to get emotionally invested in characters that are bound to die at every turn, if you want to feel hopeless and hung out to dry then sure! Go ahead!


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.