Things Black Ops 2 Doesn’t Do Well

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 isn’t a bad game. Actually, it’s quite great. It has just the right amount of innovation and originality to make it feel even a little different from its predecessors. But it’s not perfect. I’ve spent the past few weeks playing it, and have clocked in over 20 hours across two Xbox Live accounts trying to decipher its ins and outs.

The outcome? I’m not very good at it. I have a tendency to do well in Infinity Ward games, but terribly at Treyarch games. That says a lot, and CoD fanatics might say I’m too “noob” to be any good at Treyarch games, which is something I definitely don’t disagree with…

But I tend to think I have a pretty common knowledge of the games, what they offer and how to get the most out of them.

Here is some feedback from members, and my own thoughts on six things Black Ops 2 doesn’t do well.

  1. Domination

I’ve played a hell of a lot of Domination in my CoD playing days. I am basically a Domination player first and foremost, and rarely, if ever, try the other game modes. I don’t play it in Black Ops 2 because it’s not much fun, and it severely dents your SPM (Score Per Minute). Treyarch needs to find a way to incorporate modes like Domination into the whole SPM ranking system because the current method is broken.

Breaking it up into two rounds splits the experience and makes it far less cooperative and tense. Going back to Modern Warfare 3 and it’s fun being able to fight back from 30, 40 points down. But in Black Ops 2 that’s not really possible because the round ends before you have a chance at a comeback, and the score resets for the next round.

“Black Ops 2 ruined Domination. It’s terrible now. There is nothing good about playing Domination this way.”

  1. Host Migration

I’m unsure as to why hosts with poor connections are kicked from a match all together once Host Migration starts looking for a new host. If there is no option to opt in or out of hosting matches, then why should an individual’s score and potentially their ranking be compromised by a poor host matching system?

And then there’s this problem:

“I dislike how the host migration is stubborn. It will never migrate on a bad host because it just says everyone has 4bar automatically.”

Players are essentially chosen as host, no matter how bad their connection is, and then they’re kicked when the lobby struggles to maintain a good connection. The only alternative for this I can think of would be to add an option where users can toggle whether they want to be host or not. It would filter out those that know they have a poor internet connection.

  1. Care Packages

So The Black Hat PDA is meant to give you the capacity to intercept enemy scorestreaks and hack them to turn friendly. It works well and can even be used on UAVs up in the distance.

The only problem is that they can also be used on friendly care packages from a distance, which sucks. Treyarch has entrusted the Call Of Duty with too much power.

“Cheap players, that can’t get score streaks on their own so feel it is their right to take my care package the second it hits the ground: why change how they have always worked?”

  1. Pistols

Every one of the five pistols in the game have at least a 10-point max damage advantage over three of the assault rifles. This has been the case in every CoD game but why do pistols appear to be so overpowered? It’s not right when a guy with a Tac-45 spamming the shoot button is beating me one-on-one with an S12 shotgun. Unless I suck at this game more than I think.

“The pistols are majorly overpowered this time around. I don’t care what anyone says about the SMG’s, you don’t have a guy running around with pistols and coming up with double-triple kills. I see them as support in the case you run out of ammo but now they rival that of a ****ing round-burst AR!”

  1. Laser Sight

Laser sight makes hip fire accuracy far too high and guns like the MP7 far too powerful. It’s great fun to use but hipe fire should not be that accurate. It’s an addition that in my opinion makes the game more noob friendly than it appears to be.

  1. UAV

The UAV is too easily spotted. I can take them down all the time because they stand out so much. In MW3 you really had to search around for them and they were a lot higher up. I feel more inclined to take them down in BLOPS 2, obviously because of the points score, but because I know all I need to do is look up within 3-4 seconds of getting the warning, and I’ll see it directly above the map.