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  • Choosing & Using the Best Messenger for Business Although it might come a bit of a surprise to you, your competitors have successfully switched from social media to the best business messenger apps when it comes to bolstering their service quality. The thing is, a lot of people these days, instead of just broadcasting what’s private all over social media, prefer sharing their lives with a very restricted group of people. That’s where a top-notch app for business comes into play.  You don’t want to miss out on these splendid opportunities, right? And you also want to increase your profit, don’t you? Then you will appreciate this post, in which we elaborate on the best business messengers, their features, nuances, and how to make the most of them to boost your success. Read on and enjoy diving into the treasure trove of possibilities. Effective Internal Business Communication via Slack Looking for an effective messenger for business? Cut yourself some Slack, so to speak. In other words, download Slack and take advantage of this awesome workplace chat service for business. Slack boasts over 5 million users and is successfully utilized by such reputed corporations as IBM, Shopify, and Hubspot. Here are a few tips for you if you want to succeed when using Slack for your business: create useful communities for your potential customers; share valuable tips with them: insights, personal experience;  promote your product or services inside the community only if it’s helpful and relevant. In addition to this, you can use Slack to set up communities for your existing clients. In this case, make use of the following tips: provide fast and effective assistance to your customers who need it; ask your customers’ opinions on your services/products; let the community become a comfy experience-sharing platform for your clients; be as honest and responsive as possible. Using Facebook to Accelerate Your Business Growth Facebook is currently the most widely used instant messenger for informal interaction, that’s a fact. If you’re a company that promotes and sells its product/services to multiple international clients, opt for Messenger, and create a chatbot. No worries, you can easily do it even if you’re not good at coding.   Here are some tips for your chatbot enterprise to succeed: use your Messenger chatbot to share your content with your users (e.g., your most valuable recent blog posts); use the chatbot to increase the activity of participants during important events;  use the chatbot to increase sales via Facebook ads. In addition to these two giants (Slack and Facebook), you can also turn to such free business instant messenger services as WhatsApp, Kik, and Snapchat. Even using Skype messenger for business can bring you lots of benefits. In other words, try them all, experiment, analyze, and choose what’s best for you. Think Outside the Box Each of the above-mentioned applications has its features, target audience specifics, and geography. Don’t just follow the super boring common rules when running these messaging apps through their paces. Use your imagination (with moderation in mind, of course), and you will definitely figure out the strategy that works best for your business.
  • WhatsApp vs Viber: Feel the Difference At first glance, the immensely popular Viber and WhatsApp apps are very similar. However, there are some subtle yet important differences between them that might eventually become crucial. In this post, we will cover the Viber vs WhatsApp topic elaborating on the strong and weak side of each of the two mobile applications. We hope this parameter-by-parameter comparison will help you on your way to making the final Whatsapp or Viber decision. Viber App vs WhatsApp: General Comparison WhatsApp Viber Available for free. Allows group and video calls. Allows instant chats, voice and video interaction. Allows to share pictures, audio, and video files. Available for free. Allows group and video calls. Allows instant chats, voice and video interaction. Allows to share pictures, audio, and video files. Overall, both Viber and WhatsApp mobile applications offer similar features for interaction and file exchange. Want to know which one of the two suits you more than ever? Read on.  Viber App vs WhatsApp: The Interfaces WhatsApp Viber Sleek and clear. Exceptionally user-friendly. An excessive number of stickers and other functions. Prone to digital clutter. Viber’s interface is feature-packed and versatile, but it looks and feels cluttered. And it does feature some annoying ads, too. When it comes to WhatsApp, it doesn’t come with many stickers. Its interface is clean, smart, and very well-structured. All in all, if you’re into a huge selection of stickers and fun gifs, you might actually want to stick with Viber.  Voice and Video Calls Quality Comparison WhatsApp Viber Reconnects dropped calls like a pro. Strong connection features. Vast experience in providing voice and video call features. HD quality. Transfer ongoing calls between gadgets. Voice and video call quality is vital when it comes to communication apps. Unlike WhatsApp, Viber has vast experience in providing this service to its users. Viber boasts clear HD quality voices, while WhatsApp re-establishes dropped connections like a pro. When it comes to the video call parameter, the difference between WhatsApp and Viber is nonexistent.  What About the Cost? WhatsApp Viber 100% free exchange of chats and calls with other WhatsApp users. Some stickers are paid. The possibility to call non-Viber numbers or landline for a reasonable price. 100% free to exchange chats and calls with other Viber users. WhatsApp or Viber: What’s Your Choice? It’s natural that when two industry giants are compared, both end up the winners ‘who take it all’. Both Viber and WhatsApp are similar in functionality, security, and pricing. At the end of the day, in this case, your ultimate decision will most likely come down to which application you personally like best.  By the way, what’s your favorite communication app — WhatsApp or Viber? Why do you prefer this particular app? You’re welcome to share your preferences in the comment section below to get the discussion going with your like-minded mobile chatters. Your two cents are highly appreciated.
  • Using Mobile Apps to Enhance Doctor Patient Communication Now that patients throughout the world are under lockdown, and healthcare providers are exposed to high risk of COVID-19, the practice of embracing medical services via mobile apps is becoming more and more common. Healthcare organizations are actively investing in the development of medical apps to enhance their doctor-patient communication and, thus, improve their service.   Patients, in their turn, are also very much into a good doctor on demand app. All in all, today, millions of people are using medical communication Android apps for scheduling appointments, reviewing prescriptions, and getting in touch with their doctors for video call examinations. In this post, we’re going to discuss the role of mobile apps in bolstering the effectiveness of doctor-patient communication during the coronavirus (and following the inevitable digitalization trend). The Role of Communication Apps in Healthcare in 2020 These days, healthcare providers frequently partner with mobile app developers to create top-notch apps for doctor appointments, examinations, and diagnoses. That way, medical professionals strive to meet their patients’ requirements and often even exceed their expectations. It’s only natural, for following these digital trends enhances patient loyalty and i.e., boosts the profits of healthcare corporations.  Here are some other advantages of communication apps in the healthcare field: healthcare-related communication apps come with incredible convenience, reduced costs, instant availability, and individual approach to each patient; aside from providing patients with easy ways to connect with their doctors, medical apps come with such perks as versatile and effective health tracking functionality, record keeping features, as well as health tips available on the go; medical apps are especially useful for people with chronic health problems. By tracking their daily numbers and progress on a regular basis via their mobile apps, these patients assist their doctors in choosing the best treatment route.   This is only a brief list of how helpful communication apps are in the medical realm. Wondering how to create the best medical app without compromising your professional accountability? Making sure that the app bolsters the patient’s wellbeing instead of serving as a distraction is vital. In addition to this, we’re all aware that artificial intelligence (however intelligent it may be) will never replace real-life interaction. Therefore, the best healthcare communication app should add up to one-on-one appointments instead of replacing them. Your Opinion Is Important So, what are your thoughts on digital meetings with your doc and video call medical examinations? Would you use medical apps, or do you prefer face-to-face meetings? Perhaps, you’re already using an excellent healthcare communication app? Share your thoughts on the best free Apple medical apps you currently make the most of and get the discussion going.
  • Enabling Auto Reply in WhatsApp: A Quick Guide If you cannot go through a massive pile of your professional messages on WhatsApp right now — or if you’ve simply decided to take a breather from business, auto-replying to your incoming conversations is a great idea. A simple ‘Hey, I’m in a meeting. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can’ will save you and your business partner (or potential customer) plenty of headaches. Can’t stop Googling ‘WhatsApp auto reply iPhone’ or ‘WhatsApp auto reply Android’? Look no further. In this post, we will cover the WhatsApp Auto Reply feature and how you can set it up. How to Create WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot: Quick Instructions First, you’re going to need to create your WhatsApp Business account. Here’s how: download WhatsApp Business from the official store; register by typing your phone number; open the settings; select ‘Profile’; indicate the information about your business: company name, contact details, etc. Now that you’ve set up your WhatsApp Business account, it’s time to enable ‘away’ messages. Follow these easy instructions in order to sort this out: launch WhatsApp Business on your gadget; open the settings; select business tools; then open the messaging options; create your unique auto-reply message; select ‘Send away messages’.  Your messages can be ‘Sent away’ either to a chosen number of contacts or to all of them. Here’s how you can sort this point out: launch WhatsApp Business on your gadget; open the settings; select business tools; open the messaging options; create your unique auto-reply message; when sending your message, indicate the recipients (choose either ‘All Contacts’ or ‘All Contacts Except’). If scheduling your auto reply messages is your ultimate goal, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to do it: launch WhatsApp Business on your gadget; open the settings; open business tools; launch messaging options; create your auto-reply message; prior to sending your message, select ‘Schedule’ and choose the most suitable options for you. The Importance of Automated Reply Messages As a business owner, you’re probably aware that keeping close contact with your potential clients is paramount. How fast you respond to your leads is very important in terms of whether they will transform into customers (read as: returning clients) or not. That’s where the WhatsApp auto reply functionality comes into play. Here are some more perks it comes with: automated messages inform your (potential) customers when you’re going to get back to them: make sure you’re honest with your clients, i.e., don’t say that you’re in a meeting when you’re enjoying the ocean somewhere in the Caribbean; setting up the Auto Reply feature adds transparency to your business interaction; therefore, your (potential) customers are more prone to trust your company, especially if you’re honest with them; an automated message explaining when you’re going to contact them back and why makes your customers feel important, that’s a fact. Auto Reply in WhatsApp: An Ocean of Possibilities Now that you’re fully aware of the advantages of auto-replying to your leads and have all the necessary instructions in terms of setting the feature up on your WhatsApp, you’re welcome to make the best of this excellent feature. Don’t forget to get back to us and let us know your thoughts on it. Your feedback is very important.
  • The New Update Adds up to the Benefits of Telegram Upload WhatsApp’s competitor application Telegram has released a new update that brings to the table a multitude of impressive features. These fresh and juicy perks include profile videos, enhanced picture editing functionality, improved People Nearby facility, as well as the possibility of sharing files as big as 2 GB (previously, Telebram file share limit was 1.5 GB).  Also, the desktop version of the app is now capable of supporting multiple accounts, just like its mobile bro. So, it was a web Telegram update as well as a mobile one. Read on if you want to know more about the new yummies Telegram has in store for you. Keep in mind that on our website, you can learn all there is to know about this application and decide whether you want to download Telegram messenger for PC (or mobile) or not.  Profile Video Feature Explained This fascinating feature allows Telegram users to upload videos to their profiles instead of using their static profile photos. You can either record your profile video in advance and upload it to your Telegram account or create a profile video from scratch via the app’s integrated camera functionality. When uploading your profile vid, you will also need to select a cover photo that will show in chat discussions and contact lists. Brief Overview of Other New Features mini thumbnails: they show you a tiny preview of a shared file in the chat lists instead of just displaying an icon; automatic archive: this feature archives all the conversations with people that are not on your contact list, thus, decluttering your chat page; upgraded image editing: you can now add skin-softening filters to your photos prior to sending them to your contacts; group statistics: this feature was designed for users with large groups. It allows you to track and analyze member activity and growth; music player redesign: Android users can make the most of this new feature, enjoying the updated track list, icons, and functionality.  Cutting to the Chase You can download the updated Telegram version on both iOS and Android from their official app stores. With regard to the updated web Telegram version, you can download it from the official Telegram website. So, have you already noticed the new features in your Telegram account? What are your thoughts on them? Which ones do you consider to be the most useful? Share your opinion in the comments below and get the discussion going.
  • Top-7 Tools That Will Speed Up Your Windows PC Let’s be honest, despite a bunch of advantages the Windows platform has, its performance is far from perfect. Every time you need to install a new application or service, you experience some glitches on your PC. Therefore, there are a lot of different optimizers developed for Windows. All of them claim that they can speed up the platform within seconds, but in most cases, they don’t work properly. So, we decided to test dozens of applications, both popular and not so popular, and collect those which we liked the most. Interested? Keep reading! First, Let’s Have a Glance at Each App! Let’s pause a little and discuss why you need these optimizers. The first and most obvious answer is when you experience some computer glitches. But here you need to make sure that these glitches are caused by software. For example, if your computer falls down and after that, the glitches appear, we are sorry, but the optimizers can not help you.  Another case is when your device starts to work slower than it is used to do. There are no glitches,  but the average performance is not on a sufficient level. Is it your case? Keep reading, the optimizers can help you to solve the problem! And the last thing we have to say is that the optimizers are not a panacea. We mean that sometimes the reason for poor performance is the lack of memory or an old hard drive. What we recommend is to, firstly, try the applications listed on our list, and then, if they do not help, start to look for the problem in hardware.  The applications that we will discuss below: IObit Advanced SystemCare Free Razer Cortex Iolo System Mechanic Smart Defrag 4 CCleaner MacCleaner Pro Fixmypc IObit Advanced SystemCare Free IObit Advanced SystemCare has a bunch of useful tools that can free your computer from potential viruses or junk files. By the way, there are two the most spread reasons why your PC slows down.  The company offers two versions of IObit Advanced SystemCare software: free and premium. As for testing, the free version will be sufficient. But if you decide to purchase PRO, most likely, you will not regret it. It has many more improvements and unique features than the Free version, and the price is affordable, only $19.99. For example, you will get a deeper PC cleaning and optimization, up to 300% Internet speedup, full PC protection, and much more.  Razer Cortex Razer Cortex software is more oriented to speed up your computers during gaming. There are two types of Razer Cortex: Game Booster; System Booster.  The first one focuses on game parameters. Therefore, it optimizes frames per second rate or cut down on draggy load times. Users can choose among automated or manual modes. If you are not an experienced PC user, we highly recommend you select the first one. System Booster aims to optimize not games but system parameters by cleaning unwanted junk files. In addition, there is a Game Deals platform that can help you to select the best deals by comparing the prices and gameplay features. And the last bonus is that you can get Razer Cortex for free! Iolo System Mechanic Iolo System Mechanic is one of the best optimization tools we are tested for PC. While using Iolo, we experienced a significant speed improvement, especially it is noticeable when you only start to run the operating system. The software: Cleans your computer from the junk files; Removes the unwanted and unused applications; Effectively blocks bloatware; Protects your PC from the unwanted and potentially dangerous auto-run settings; Clears out RAM; Deletes various logs, caches or browser history that may slow down your computer.  Smart Defrag 4 The developers in Smart Defrag consider disk fragmentation as one of the main causes that may speed down your computer. Therefore, they created software that aims to provide users a faster and better approach to access data on PC. To understand how Smart Defrag can help you enhance your computer’s performance, let’s look at how the fragmenting process works. In short, fragmentation is the process of dividing data into parts to store it anywhere when the drive has some open space. Every time you want to get the data back, the computer needs to gather its pieces from the various corners of memory. This is defragmentation. Smart Defrag 4 is just a much faster defragging tool than those which exist on your computer.  CCleaner CCleaner is the tool that allows you to remove redundant files and junk applications from the computer faster. You’ve probably noticed that it’s not the first cleaner on our list. The reason why we are talking about cleaners that often is that filling over your SSD is a real problem and the number 1 reason of unexpected computer glitches. CCleaner has a good in-built tool for analyzing the apps on your computer. Bitdefender Bitdefender is a next-generation antivirus tool that protects more than 500 million systems around the world. In the world where the number of cyberattacks grows every year, having a reliable anti-virus program on the computer is a top priority. Why do we recommend Bitdefender? First of all, the company exists for more than 18 years on the market. Secondly, it has a lot of rewards and recognition, and, finally, Bitdefender provides its users with a flexible price policy.  Glary Utilities The last software we want to share is Glary Utilities. It is completely free. What Glary Utilities do is clean your PC, boost speed, and fix various freezes, errors, or crashes. The software has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. We especially recommend downloading it for people who want to get a simple but effective cleaner and do not spend much time figuring out how the platform works.  Add More Speed to Your PC! We hope that our list of useful PC speeders will be useful for you. And now we want you to share your favorite cleaners, anti-virus programs, and other tools that helped with your computer glitches. Why do you use them? What advantages do they have? Write in the comments below. 
  • How To Cancel Apple Arcade Subscription On Different Platforms Firstly announced in March 2019, Apple Arcade, a video game subscription service, was released on September 19, 2019. As it is evident from the name, the Arcade platform was developed and published by Apple. A service provides users with access to dozens of different popular games, including Agent Intercept, Dear Reader, Neo Cab, and Punch Planet. All these games are from various developer teams. Arcade is available on four operating systems (spoiler: all of them are powered by Apple Inc.): iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS. No matter what platform you use, you can easily uninstall the service or cancel the subscription on your device. Here is an ultimate guide on how to do it. Let’s begin with iOS! How Apple Arcade Subscription Works Before we continue, we think that it is better to tell you about the subscription and how it works in Arcade first. As it is a subscription-based platform, you need to pay a certain amount of money to get access to the content, in our case, we are talking about games. There are two types of subscriptions: monthly and annually. So, if you pay money for one month ahead, and then decide to cancel a subscription, you need to remember that there is NO MONEY RETURN! You will use the application until the period ends. Another case, if we are talking about a free trial. Here, you will lose access to all games immediately, even if your trial does not end. By the way, if you want to cancel a subscription during the trial, you need to do it at least 24 hours before this period ends, otherwise, the money for the next subscription period can be charged.  Please read a conclusion and most important rules: If you cancel a subscription, you will keep using the application before the next billing date; If you cancel the deal during the trial, you will lose access to all content items immediately; Do not forget to cancel a subscription 24 hours before your trial period ends.  Cancel On iOS Or iPadOS There are a few easy steps to cancel the Apple Arcade subscription on your iPhone: Go to Settings; Press your name; After that, tap the “Subscription” button; Then find Apple Arcade and tap it; Here you can change the subscription or cancel it. For this, tap “Cancel Subscription” on the bottom.  Note, if you can not find the service among your subscriptions, it means that you have already canceled it. Another problem you can face is that you may not have a “Subscriptions” tab in the Settings. In this case: Open Settings, and then “iTunes & App Store” instead of the “Subscriptions” tab; Press your Apple ID; Choose “View Apple ID” option; Sign In and scroll down until you find a “Subscription” tab. Finally, tap it.  Cancel On Mac Canceling on Mac is a little bit different process, but it is still as easy as canceling on iOS or iPadOS. Follow these steps: Open Apple Store on MacBook; Find your name on the bottom of a sidebar and click it (the alternative variant is press this sign  ); After that, on top of the window, press this icon ; Scroll down until you find Subscriptions. Then, press a “Manage” button; Find Apple Arcade and click Edit; Now you can change or cancel a subscription.  Cancel On tvOS Finally, let’s see how you can cancel an Arcade subscription on Apple TV. For this: Use iPhone, iPad, or a computer to manage the subscriptions on Apple TV; Open a “Settings” tab; Choose “Users & Accounts”, and tap your account; Press “Subscriptions”; Select Apple Arcade; Cancel or change a subscription.  Any Questions? As you can see, it is very easy to change or cancel a subscription for Apple Arcade. Write in the comments on the problems you face during canceling a subscription or the questions you want to ask.  
  • Top 10 Game Pass Titles of Q1 2020 Xbox Game Pass has become a Netflix for video games. It’s one of the cheapest ways to play AAA video games these days. For a low $10 monthly fee, you can try over a hundred top titles right on your Xbox One or Xbox One X in 4K. We decided to select the most exciting titles to help you make a choice faster without getting lost in the library. The list of the Game Pass titles changes over time, so stay connected to catch up with the updates! 1. The Outer Worlds When The Outer Worlds was first announced, everyone expected it to be a Fallout in space. Well, there are really quite a lot of common features! Moreover, Obsidian is the studio behind the hit DLC Fallout: New Vegas. However, it has a load of original features to bring you a completely different first-person RPG experience.  The narrative of The Outer Worlds includes a load of hilarious stories that revolve around dark sides of the corporate culture and greediness of clerks. The storyline is wrapped into streamlined gameplay that never feels boring due to an awesome combination of FPS action and exploration. It’s a great Fallout alternative for sci-fi fans!  2. Gears 5 Gears 5 is a long-awaited competitive shooter set in the legendary Gears of War universe. This 3rd person action lets you experience breathtaking combat that involves shooting from dozens of powerful sci-fi guns and tactical use of covers. Gears 5 is the Gears of War from our dreams. It unites sparkling humor with detailed dialogues, open-world elements, and exciting RPG-style side quests. It’s also the first game in the series with a female protagonist, which is a timely change. You must try this game if you like dynamic TPS games with ultimate visuals and immersive story.  3. Life is Strange 2 If graphics and action are not the main criteria for the games you play, Life is Strange 2 may catch you with a tangled best-selling-novel-quality story. You play 16-year-old Sean and 9-year-old Daniel Diaz, whose father gets shot by an insidious cop. The younger brother discovers that he has some supernatural powers that let him punish the killer. The rest of the plot unveils during 3 long episodes. In the style of the thrilling action drama series, the ending of each episode makes you hang on the edge of your seat and wish to see more!  4. Batman: Arkham Night Batman: Arkham Night isn’t a perfect game about the favorite DC character, but it’s definitely worth attention, while it’s available for such a low price. Rocksteady Studios are the first to recreate an open-world Gotham City and make it free for exploration. It’s pretty exciting to roam around, fighting minions and a bunch of new and good old supervillains. Developers mixed excellent platform puzzles, cooperative combat, racing and battling on a Batmobile, and exquisite plot twists. As a result, you won’t get bored on your way to the ending.  5. Sea of Thieves If you’re into the pirate theme and don’t mind about historical credibility, you may enjoy exploring the fable universe of Sea of Thieves. The game evolved from an improvised virtual chat-room for the pirate theme fans into a huge adventure game with dozens of island to explore, exciting puzzle-based quests, PVP battles, and many more stuff to do. It’s impossible to compare Sea of Thieves to any other game. It’s just the one and only in the self-established genre.  6. Quantum Break Do you like HBO series? Or maybe you enjoy third-person tactical action with supernatural powers and heavy rifles? Quantum Break will impress you then! This game was one of the most discussed projects from 2013 to 2016 and remained one of the best Xbox One titles. It’s a unique game with firm Remedy’s flavors, such as ultimate attention to detail, photorealistic environment, and novel-style narrative.  All the choices you make during the game change the scenes of the TV-show that you watch between the playable episodes. If you seek an unusual action experience, you will not regret trying it.  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt If you are planning a vacation for the next month and don’t know what to do, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will take all your time. It’s the latest installment in the legendary Polish game series about the daredevil mutant monster-hunter Geralt of Rivia. The entire gameplay takes over 100 hours of incredibly immersive RPG quests, which break all RPG stereotypes. There are no boring fillers at all! Every main and side quest are made with the same amount of love to detail and good storytelling so that you will wish to get into more and more encounters. Toss a coin to your witcher!  8. Forza Horizon 4 Forza Horizon 4 is the supreme creation of Turn 10 Studios and one of the best racing games in history. The perfect balance between arcade gameplay mechanics and realism make this racing sim the most immersive of all to this day. Hundreds of vehicles, all types of terrains, and ultimate visuals are at your service!  9. Dishonored 2 Dishonored 2 soaked all the best features from the first chapter and made the gameplay even catchier. The action takes place in an even more detailed city of Karnaca, and you take control of Corvo’s daughter, Emily, who has an entirely new set of superpowers. The game is recommended to fans of Bioshock Infinite, the original Dishonored, steampunk-fi, and gorgeous vocal soundtracks.  10. Halo: The Master Chief Collection This one is a permanent resident of the Game Pass library. However, if you still haven’t played this legendary series, you can do it right away. The 100MB bundle includes all Halo games that will bring you a load of nostalgic feeling along with superb shooting experience.  Your Lucky Day As you can see, Xbox Game Pass is full of legendary-level titles, including top hits of the last 3 years. All of them are still worth your attention this year. Besides, it’s a good chance to kill time before hot upcoming Spring releases. Which of the games from our list would you like to download right now? Reply in the comments and share the list with friends who have an Xbox One too!