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WhatsApp vs Viber: Feel the Difference At first glance, the immensely popular Viber and WhatsApp apps are very similar. However, there are some subtle yet important differences between them that might... Continue Reading The New Update Adds up to the Benefits of Telegram Upload WhatsApp’s competitor application Telegram has released a new update that brings to the table a multitude of impressive features. These fresh and juicy perks include... Continue Reading How To Cancel Apple Arcade Subscription On Different Platforms Firstly announced in March 2019, Apple Arcade, a video game subscription service, was released on September 19, 2019. As it is evident from the name,... Continue Reading Top 10 Game Pass Titles of Q1 2020 Xbox Game Pass has become a Netflix for video games. It’s one of the cheapest ways to play AAA video games these days. For a... Continue Reading 5 Ultimate Free Fonts Apps For Your Android Don’t underestimate the power of fonts. The properly selected font can make a word or phrase more attractive or even affect the meaning. There are... Continue Reading WhatsApp Dropping Old Phone Support By The End of 2019 This December, WhatsApp, the most popular messenger in the world, will lose some part of its popularity. The service will stop working on millions of... Continue Reading Microsoft Xbox Bundles Returns with New Project Scarlett Xbox It’s about a year before the new Xbox Project Scarlett arrives, but the most impatient (or the most caring) can start purchasing older versions now,... Continue Reading Deleting Pre-installed Android Apps Without Rooting If you are an Android user, you would have noticed that not all pre-installed software is of any use to you. You might have tried... Continue Reading Best Non-Freemium Games with One-time Purchase Everyone loves playing free mobile games, which means they are free to download but come with pesky in-app purchases. While Freemium is great, it is... Continue Reading Top Replacements for Google Apps on Android Android users usually receive their new phones stuffed with numerous Google apps. And while some of us appreciate Google’s concern when they take care of... Continue Reading RuneScape Guide to Make It Through The tips that are gathered here may help you to stay alive and become a winner of the RuneScape game. The game may be one... Continue Reading Top 10 Relaxing Games If you want to get a perfect stress reliever, find the mobile correspondent games and enjoy the process. Of course, everyone relaxes in their own... Continue Reading We Wait for Galaxy Fold in September Here comes the most expected smartphone of 2019. We are waiting for Galaxy Fold in September, but it will only be available in selected countries.... Continue Reading “Hidden” WhatsApp Virus has Infected 25 Million Android Smartphones The virus that appeared in different apps, including WhatsApp Messenger and Opera browser in May of this year, has infected more than 25 million Android... Continue Reading E3 2019: The Games You Can Play Right Now Surely, you know such a great annual event in gaming as Electronic Entertainment Expo in short - E3.  Since 2017, the year of its foundation,... Continue Reading Android Selfie Apps Selection Why do we like taking selfies? Why are we involved in a continuous and senseless process which is not vital for us? Probably, the answer... Continue Reading Here are Top 10 Free Funny Games for Kids Since long, we have been bombarded with lots of false news regarding video games, especially with the little ones in the context. For instance, the... Continue Reading 5 things to know about P2P payment apps According to research conducted at Statista, there will be approximately 126 million P2P payment app users in the USA. Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments app segment is... Continue Reading