Date Colonel Sanders in a new KFC game

This can be the weirdest game you have ever seen. And yet, we must admit that Colonel Sanders has never looked sexier in his life. Anime-styled KFC founder become the main attraction of the game called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger-Lickin' Good Dating Simulator. Yes, you’ve heard that right.

What is it about?

I Love You Colonel Sanders

Just confess in your secret crush on Colonel or perhaps on his fried chicken. No matter what attracts you in this fast-food chain, the game is definitely for true fans only. The main character looks so great, it is hard to believe that KFC deliberately picked a less attractive image when they could go with this one.

You become a culinary student in a prestigious school. You desperately want to date Colonel Sanders, your classmate. The better you perform your tasks, the more chances you have with Colonel. There are numerous problems that appear in front of you, and your decisions have an influence on your future. If you are not looking for love, you can try to become a business partner of Sanders.

Where can we play?

The announcement has appeared on the Steam game store. It was created by KFC (surprise, surprise!). It will be released on 24 of September. The game will be available on Mac OS X and Windows 7. Are you waiting to play the game?