Dropbox Massive Relaunch Details Revealed

Dropbox Inc was incorporated in 2007, and since then it has provided sharing services and online file storage. It has about 500 mln users all over the world; that is why all its decisions and perspectives are tracked with great interest. Recently we have learned that it released updates of dropbox.com and its mobile application. Moreover, it is going to integrate with Zoom, Slack, and Atlassian.

In details about the above

Users of all platforms of Dropbox can enjoy the revamped experience. Now we get a better integrated workspace. That is a real relief - a single workspace where all content you work with is kept together. It enables another advantage – we can create and keep shortcuts to web content, including links to news articles, other webpages – any productivity tools used for those shortcuts. In addition, there was enhanced integration with G Suite content, meaning that we can deal with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets creating them, opening and editing. We can even share this content living in Dropbox.

The developer has worked at search options as well making it consolidated and allowing to search for files which are stored at any place within Dropbox platform. Just enter the data of this content into a search box and get the result. It is possible to communicate sending files to any channels of Slack from Dropbox and at the same time to share Dropbox files within Slack conversations. You can start videoconferences using Zoom Meeting, share documents of different formats, and view the content you get from your interlocutor in Dropbox. It is possible to display those documents on a screen.

Plans for Future

Fruitful collaboration of Dropbox with Zoom, Slack, Atlassian is not over. It was announced that this autumn the serious contribution will be invested into Zoom for the purpose of creation of differentiated product experiences. While Dropbox and Atlassian are going to continue deep integrations across their platforms in the nearest future.