Learn Who's the New Avengers Villain

Marvel's Avengers is coming in 2020 and expected to be available on desktop, and various consoles. Now we can judge only by viewing trail and discuss the details we are shown. And now, at last, we can be sure that the key villain in this game is a well-known character from comic books. We will not maintain the suspense and tell you that it will be Taskmaster.

What should you wait for?

The developer of this announced game proved that an evil-doer in Marvel's Avengers is Taskmaster. We do not know for sure whether it is the main or substantial one, but still it is confirmed. It is great fun to see him in the plot. If you are not familiar with this villain, we'll tell you his powers so that you could imagine how perfect the game should be.

So, Taskmaster has the capability to follow almost any fighting style and move as he wants. If he watches someone to battle, he can repeat his actions and become the best in this technique. Usually, he is equipped with a shield with a sword, arrows with a bow. Those armors are his main protection. But if he picks up any gun or knife, he will know exactly what should be done with new weapons. In addition, he can be very fast. And he is allowed to sell new skills at a high price. The only thing that is too much for him is superhuman abilities.

The dark side of things

In general, this game is packed with familiar names. When the time is ripe for action, all superheroes are reassembled to fight with the evil. You will meet Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and others here. But during E3 conference – the most important annual event in the world - Electronic Entertainment Expo where all vibrant announcements are made, this exciting detail was announced and that fact thrills. You can get even more information about this forthcoming and awaited game following the hot news.