Microsoft Xbox Bundles Returns with New Project Scarlett Xbox

It’s about a year before the new Xbox Project Scarlett arrives, but the most impatient (or the most caring) can start purchasing older versions now, via Xbox All Access bundles. As the new generation comes closer, Microsoft revives the tradition of All Access bundles that we have seen once to help selling the current ones.

The idea of Xbox All Access is about splitting the price of the device into monthly payments. It also includes Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, paid services that go cheaper when bundled. The price will be distributed into 24 months.

It’s clear that Microsoft wants to smoothen the gap in sales, rolling out this offer right before the Black Friday. In addition, it’s a reason for those lingering as they await Project Scarlett: this deal implies an easy upgrade.

New Project Scarlett Xbox

X Marks the Box

What Microsoft offers now is a console (Xbox One X, S, or S All-Digital Edition), Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or Xbox Live Gold, starting with $19.99/month. Along with various console versions, you can select the subscription that fits you best. For example, the key option of Game Pass is access to various games for PC and the console. Live Gold offers you multiplayer.

The cheapest option will split into 24 months the price of Xbox One S All-Digital (with no Blu-ray drive) and add Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for these 24 months. There is an option of an early upgrade in 18 months. If you are ready to pay $22.99 monthly, you can get the regular version of Xbox One S, equipped with an optical drive. And increasing the payment to $30.00/month will get you an Xbox One X. The latter has a benefit of upgrading to Xbox Project Scarlett in 12 months, if you take a special offer before December 31, 2019.

What NeXt?

2020 will be the year of Xbox Project Scarlett, the 9Gen console that will just swipe away the previous generations. The offer by Microsoft implies that you can get it much cheaper by just trading in your current console with the same retailer that provided your Xbox All Access.

The offer requires no additional payments if you have opted for Xbox One X. If you decide on Xbox One S (in any version), it will mean some extra fee. Still, it’s an attractive offer. It’s cheaper than buying a console for its actual price and getting your subscription separately, ($743.76 instead of $758.76 if you select One X and  $479.76 instead of $608.76 for One S All-digital), plus it makes an upgrade available as soon as Project Scarlett is finally out. Split payment is also an advantage.

When it comes to a bundle offer as it is, it’s available in the US (via Amazon), UK (via Game and Smyths Toys), and Australia (via Telstra). Australian buyers, though, won’t have an option of Project Scarlett upgrade. Sad but true.

Will You Join the Xbox Side?

What do you think of this offer? Would you rather buy PlayStation 4 or Switch instead? Or none of these, until Gen9 arrives? Share your thoughts in a comment.