The New Update Adds up to the Benefits of Telegram Upload

WhatsApp’s competitor application Telegram has released a new update that brings to the table a multitude of impressive features. These fresh and juicy perks include profile videos, enhanced picture editing functionality, improved People Nearby facility, as well as the possibility of sharing files as big as 2 GB (previously, Telebram file share limit was 1.5 GB). 

Also, the desktop version of the app is now capable of supporting multiple accounts, just like its mobile bro. So, it was a web Telegram update as well as a mobile one. Read on if you want to know more about the new yummies Telegram has in store for you. Keep in mind that on our website, you can learn all there is to know about this application and decide whether you want to download Telegram messenger for PC (or mobile) or not. 

Profile Video Feature Explained

This fascinating feature allows Telegram users to upload videos to their profiles instead of using their static profile photos. You can either record your profile video in advance and upload it to your Telegram account or create a profile video from scratch via the app’s integrated camera functionality. When uploading your profile vid, you will also need to select a cover photo that will show in chat discussions and contact lists.

Brief Overview of Other New Features

  • mini thumbnails: they show you a tiny preview of a shared file in the chat lists instead of just displaying an icon;
  • automatic archive: this feature archives all the conversations with people that are not on your contact list, thus, decluttering your chat page;
  • upgraded image editing: you can now add skin-softening filters to your photos prior to sending them to your contacts;
  • group statistics: this feature was designed for users with large groups. It allows you to track and analyze member activity and growth;
  • music player redesign: Android users can make the most of this new feature, enjoying the updated track list, icons, and functionality. 

Cutting to the Chase

You can download the updated Telegram version on both iOS and Android from their official app stores. With regard to the updated web Telegram version, you can download it from the official Telegram website. So, have you already noticed the new features in your Telegram account? What are your thoughts on them? Which ones do you consider to be the most useful? Share your opinion in the comments below and get the discussion going.

person is using telegram app on a smartphone