20 Tips to Save Battery Life in iOS 11

The 11th version of iOS is considered one of the least successful in history. Most of its users have upgraded to iOS 12 as soon as it became available. But there is one thing that the update didn’t improve, and it’s the battery life. So, let’s assume you’re still on iOS 11 just for that.

If it’s right, then you probably want your iPhone to stay alive as long as it can after charging. So we collected the best tips that will help you improve your battery life and save your worries about the nearest socket when the battery indicator turns red. So, here are the 20 (in fact, more) tips for saving your iPhone battery life with iOS 11.

To save your time, we warn you that almost every tip starts with opening your Settings. So this is the workspace to operate within, and it should be opened by default if you want to practice these tips immediately.

Manage Battery Usage

If you go to Battery section and scroll down, you’ll see a surprising lot of data on the apps you use (and your battery through them). This section may help you to optimize your app usage – that is, consciously control time you spend with this or that app.

Manage Cellular

If you go to Cellular section, you may get surprised when you see how much data is consumed by your apps; and that means energy as well. To prevent this drainage, you can just disable cellular data usage for certain apps. Another thing to do is disable Wi-Fi Assist; if you do, you prevent your iPhone from switching to cellular data when Wi-Fi quality is poor.

Location Services

gps on iphone

One of the most vicious battery drainers is GPS (okay, location services). Turning them off completely isn’t such a good idea, but you can just restrict them. So, go to Privacy/Location Services and see a long list of the apps you have on your iPhone.

There are three options for each app: Never (use location services), Only while using and Always. Set up each app separately, according to your needs. As for us, Only while using is the best option in most cases. Take some time to explore System Services; there are some you can turn off, depending on your use manner.

Let Your Siri Go

Do you realize that your iPhone is listening to you 24/7? Even if you’re sure it’s not sending your records out, it still makes you uneasy. All it does it for is Hey Siri, the phrase that activates the voice assistant. But do you really need it? And when you do, isn’t it easier to press and hold the power button? To turn this off, go to “Siri and Search” and deactivate “Listen to “Hey Siri” option. The “Press Home for Siri” option gets even more useful, so you better leave it on.

Really Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When you tap the icons of wireless connections in Control Center, you don’t actually turn the modules off (did you know that?) In fact, you just terminate all the current connections and leave the device in constant search of new ones.

To really turn them off, go to Settings, select “Wi-Fi” and turn it off manually. Then do the same to Bluetooth. By the way, to turn them back on, you can just open Control Center and tap the icons. 

Control Flashlight Brightness

Did you know that a force touch on the flashlight icon in the Control Center lets you adjust its brightness? Come on, try, select the most comfortable level and save some power.

Drop the Airdrop

iphone in hands with Airdrop on the screen

It’s great to share photos or links to other iDevices with just a simple tap. But do you need this feature 24/7? If not, go to General, select “AirDrop” and put it to “Receiving Off”. It will also grant you won’t suddenly receive an unwanted pic.

Background App Refresh

Any app you have installed sometimes updates (unless it’s abandoned). To control this process, go to iTunes & App Stores, then find in “Automatic Downloads” option “App Updates” and deactivate it. There is always a “Mobile Data” section; deactivate “Automatic Downloads” too.

Widgets, Not Fidgets

One of the best iOS innovations is the Widgets screen. But, just like its Android analogs, iOS widgets consume power to fetch data. So, leave only the widgets you really need. To remove the rest, scroll the widgets screen down to the bottom and tap “Edit”.

Off with Handoff

Handoff is a great element cementing the Apple ecosystem, so you can start reading a page in Safari, composing a letter, or editing a document on your Mac and go on with your iPhone (and vice versa). If you don’t have a Mac, or don’t need these features, just go to General, then to AirPlay & Handoff and deactivate Handoff. 

No Rest for the Mail?

notifications on iphone

The Mail app usually receives new mail by pushes; that is, it is constantly connecting the mail server. If you prefer to check it manually, go to Passwords & Accounts and then tap “Fetch New Data”. By default, it’s set to “Push”. But if you disable push, you’ll only have your apps check new info once in a while – say, hourly or semi-hourly. 

Update Your Update Settings

Automatic updates are terrible for battery life. You can disable them, though, in iTunes and App Store section. Just disable “App Updates” in section “Automatic downloads”. Then you’ll be able to update apps manually in the App Store.

Shine Off, You Crazy iPhone

If your display is brighter than you actually need, it increases energy consumption. To avoid this, go to Display & Brightness and enable Auto-Brightness (Display Accommodation). You’ll still be able to adjust it manually if necessary.


Notifications should be only left to the apps you really need to alert you when something happens. To select these, go to Notifications and, app by app, disable notifications for those you don’t want them from.

Help Apple? Sorry, Next Time

Of course, Apple wants us to help to improve its AI and big data algorithms. But you have paid for this iPhone, and, as this assistance is voluntary, it’s your right to refuse. To do so, go to Privacy and scroll down to Analytics, open it and turn off everything.


auto lock screenshot

If you leave your phone with an active screen for too long, it will inevitably drain the battery. Unless you set Auto-Lock. To do so, go to Display & Brightness and tap “Auto-Lock”. Then select the comfortable time for your screen to go off; a minute or two would be good.

Raise to Wake: Leave or Take?

It’s great when you have your iPhone turn on at raising it. But it keeps its motion sensors constantly awake and consuming energy. To avoid that, go to Display & Brightness/Raise to Wake and disable this feature.

Reduce Motion

It’s a useful feature that is too often forgotten. Go to Accessibility section and then select “Motion”. If you enable “Reduce Motion”, your interface will be not as dynamic, but it will reduce its appetites as well. So your battery will last longer.

Low Power Mode and Others

In case you forgot while reading all the previous tips, we remind you that there is a Low Power Mode in your iPhone (and in your iPad as well). It’s a versatile solution that helps you keep connected even when your iPhone is nearly dead. But we assume you know this trick, so we put it in the end.

Have a Battery Saving Trick Up Your Sleeve?

And what tricks and tips do you know and practice to increase the battery life of your iPhone? Tell us in a comment if you have something to add.