Minecraft's Bedrock Edition Foxes are Here!

Each Minecraft update is something unique and awaited by millions of players around the world. Today, we'd like to introduce you to the Bedrock Edition. This one is a great opportunity for creative players and decoration lovers.

What's new?

Minecraft screenshot

Players of the Bedrock-version of the game finally got what they asked for so long! The Minecraft Bedrock update finally includes foxes! I would like to remind you, that Minecraft players voted at the annual Minecon 2018 conference to get foxes into the Minecraft blocky world.

But this update isn't devoted exclusively to foxes. Moreover, a lot of new things have appeared in the game. For example, modders can now use structure blocks. Using this, the player can copy entire buildings, and then just place them somewhere else. This service was used by developers to create new villages.

Slabs! Steps! Plates! Walls! This update is filled with a variety of building materials, which are announced as part of the future renewal of the Village and Rogues. The Minecraft developers also added new flowers for garden lovers, so be ready for new.

There are also new mods in the game. They're called marauders, and their main task is to attack the villages where the players are located. The attack is basically performed by a group of 4-6 marauders. Every group has the most dangerous character, a monster marauder. It is rather difficult to defeat him; he has 100 health and damage from 3 to 9 hearts. Therefore it is recommended to fight him in a diamond uniform.

Residents in the game have almost completely changed their appearance. Now they are divided into a kind of "nationality." It means that every resident will look appropriate to its biome. Other changes are related to new game rules and buttons that will lead you directly to the feedback site, bug tracker, and technical support site.

So, there are so many new things coming to Minecraft with the Bedrock Edition. Are you ready for them? Tell us which are your favorite in the comments section below!