5 Ultimate Free Fonts Apps For Your Android

Don’t underestimate the power of fonts. The properly selected font can make a word or phrase more attractive or even affect the meaning. There are also fonts that are comfortable for different people. Fortunately, Android devices have the capability to process different interface fonts. 

Brands like Samsung and HTC provide you with several default interface fonts. However, not all those options are universal. If you don’t like the default font options on your smartphone or there are none of them at all, check out our list of the best free fonts apps for Android devices. They will help you to personalize your device’s interface and make it a pleasure to use. 

1. Stylish Fonts – Beautiful Messages and Cards

Stylish Fonts app screenshot

Stylish Fonts is one of the most popular Android apps in the field. It provides you with 51 fonts. You can select them for free and test in the preview mode before applying. The previewer lets you type and combine different fonts with gradient backgrounds. Such a robust library and flexible settings make it easy to make the right choice.

Except for the preview section, you can use the message-maker. This section allows you to create stylish messages for social networks and export them directly to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other apps. You can also save them on your device to use later. It’s a great opportunity to create memorable greeting cards, posts with quotes for social networks, and many other beautiful pieces of text. Unfortunately, there’s no option of changing the interface font with this app at the moment. Still, it’s one of the best apps for making custom messages.

2. HiFont – Robust Font Library

HiFont app screenshot

HiFont is a more advanced fonts application that provides you with access to hundreds of fonts, which is several times more than Stylish Fonts can offer. It features a convenient browser where all fonts are divided into categories. Besides, you can look for new options through the New tab, search for colored fonts in the Colorfonts section, check out what’s trending in the Hot tab, and scroll through all available fonts in the All tab. The list of categories includes neat selections of different styles, feelings, etc. For example, you can browse for all-caps fonts or pick up an elegant one for an Instagram post about fashion. Each package in the library has a downloading counter so that you can see how many people are already using the font.

On the majority of devices, HiFont also lets you change the default font of the locker and launcher. However, some manufacturers block this feature. If you face such a problem, you’ll have to root your device. It’s a rather complicated procedure that may lead to unwanted results, so we don’t recommend you to do it if you’re not an expert. 

3. Enlarge Font – Resize Your Fonts

Enlarge Font app screenshot

Most Android smartphones let you resize the system font, but the number of size options is usually limited to 3. Some manufacturers don’t provide the option at all. If you’re not satisfied with that, Enlarge Font will help you to solve the problem once and for all. It provides a flexible font resizer that lets you swipe left and right to choose the most comfortable font size and apply it for the entire interface. The app is also a must-have for people who have eyesight issues that make it difficult to read what’s on the screen. 

This app is not as multi-featured as the rest of the products on the list. On the other hand, it does a unique thing and does it perfectly well. You can combine it with other apps on the list to reach the needed result. Enlarge Font requires access to system settings to resize fonts, which you can provide by tapping Allow on the pop-up window during the installation. We didn’t find any complaints about privacy violations on the Google Play Store, so you can do it without being afraid. 

4. Phonto – Install and Use Fonts

Phonto app screenshot

Phonto combines features of HiFont and Stylish Fonts. It lets you pick up dozens of stylish fonts and create beautiful text-filled images. Unlike Stylish Fonts, you can not only use default background colors but also create your own color templates or even upload images from your gallery or the web. It means that you can create nearly any type of card that comes into your mind. Another great option lets you upload fonts from the web. Just find a website with free downloadable font packages and get as many of them as you like.

The creative process in the app is straightforward. First of all, you have to select a background template from the library or gallery. Then, add a text field and type what’s on your mind. Now you can change the text size, color, tilt, position on the canvas, and even style. All these settings are available for most fonts you can get on the Internet. Phonto is a universal solution for creating custom social media messages and public posts, which supports exports of JPEG and PNG files to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other networks. 

5. iFont – All Fonts For Many Languages

iFont app screenshot

The iFont app is the only product on the list that lets you browse for fonts in different languages. Its main function is to change fonts of the entire Android system that runs on your smartphone. The online library lets you download hundreds of popular fonts in 10 widely used languages, such as English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Italian, German, and some others. 

Besides, iFont is a unique font manager that’s compatible with the Xposed Framework. It’s a custom Android framework that lets you work with various system add-ons and change the way your interface looks and works. It lets you change the color of the fonts of the entire system! Isn’t it cool?

Style & Utility

Changing the font on your mobile device, you can transform the way you use and feel it. Choose wisely, and you may even turn dealing with your old smartphone into a new exciting user experience. Have you ever tried to change fonts on your Android device before? Which one is your favorite? Tell us about your choice in the comments section and share the piece with other Android users you know.