Best 5 Medical Apps For Your Health

Mobile applications are not only helpful assistants for routine tasks or entertainment sources. They can also help you to improve your quality of life. Of course, they can’t treat diseases instead of an experienced doctor, but controlling the daily water consumption and calculating burned calories is quite bearable. From this list, you will know about 5 must-have medically approved apps that are actually good for your health.

1. 1mg

1mg application screenshots

1mg is a mobile app by 1mg Technologies, a certified provider of online medical services. It lets you book for laboratory tests in advance or order more complicated procedures, including full health diagnostics with doctors at private clinics.

If you’re not sure what lab test or diagnostics you need, you can order a free online talk with a real therapist, physician, dentist, or anyone else. Ther 1mg database provides a connection with hundreds of user-rated professionals.

2. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe application screenshots

This application is focused on individualized fitness statistics. It combines modules for counting calorie consumption, automatic weight tracking, and daily water intake. Developers collaborate with well-known US-based nutrition experts to provide you with efficient fitness tips. You can also adjust the app to send you reminders when its time to eat or drink water. For more accurate results, you can connect the app to your fitness-tracking bracelets, such as Mi Band 2-4, and Apple Watch.

3. Google Fit

Google Fit application screenshots

Google Fit is probably not the most precise application, but it’s totally free and doesn’t require you to purchase a wearable fitness tracker. The app is developed in collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Using Google Fit, you can make sure that you complete the minimal daily activity goal and the recommended cardio goal. The GPS module, together with the gyroscope, can differentiate whether you are walking, running, cycling, and being idle. To get more accurate results, you can connect a fitness bracelet or smartwatch to the app. It supports the vast majority of models, which makes it the most flexible fitness tracker on the list.

4. Water Reminder

Water Reminder application screenshots

This water calculator can not only encourage you to drink more water, but also analyze your water balance dynamically. Every time you drink something, including coffee, tea, milk, beer, or fizz, tap one of the 20 positions and enter the consumed amount of liquid. Water Reminder will count how much water you need to keep your body in balance.

5. Calm

Calm application screenshots

The quality of your sleep and the daily amount of stress can define how healthy you are. Calm is designed to relax your nerves with short daily meditations. Just choose the soundtrack that sounds better to you from the built-in library and follow instructions. Besides, the app includes a log of your moods where you can enter your current state manually and receive statistics over time.

Take Care!

Remember that using medical and fitness tracking applications can’t cure you if there’s something serious. They are created to help you prevent possible problems caused by dehydration, destress, and insomnia. Start using one of them now, and you will avoid going to the clinic tomorrow! Are you using any other health apps? Please share your experience in the comments and send the article to people you know to help them find the best health app solutions.