Best Non-Freemium Games with One-time Purchase

Everyone loves playing free mobile games, which means they are free to download but come with pesky in-app purchases. While Freemium is great, it is hampered with ads which can be so annoying and degrade the quality of the game, thus pressuring you to buy the paid version. Once you pay the price up front, you can unlock the full game. This one-time purchase removes further in-app purchases and advertisements and lets you play without any hindrance.

There are plenty of mobile games with one time in-app purchases, and here is a list of a few of these games that we recommend playing.


Hoplite gameplay

Hoplite is a strategy video game and one of the best roguelikes you will ever play on mobile. It may appear, feel and sound like an easy game, but the simple mechanism interlocks into a greater whole, making it addictive and absorbing. Unlike similar tedious move-based puzzles, this game is fresh and engaging. You will descend into a haunted underworld to get the Golden Fleece. The game is turn-based with short levels and easily fits on a smartphone's screen.

It has random levels with different monsters having deliberate ways of moving and attacking, and you can only win by learning their predictable attack pattern. You can power-up or heal yourself at the shrine on each level, but you can only win by planning ahead, observing the enemies, predicting their tactics and remembering your abilities.

If you like this impressively entertaining game on Android, you may consider getting the premium version that comes with more challenges for skills. Unfortunately, the free version is only available on Android, you would need to buy it for iOS smartphones.

Super Cat Tales 1 and 2

Super Cat Tales 2 poster

Cats can be mean or lazy, but for Ailurophiles, they are very cute and perfect creatures. Even the kitties in Super Cat Tales 1 and 2 games are wildly good and accurate—willing to climb walls, swim, and run around everywhere. This fast-paced adventure series consists of two games having funny and cute cats to play with us. The objective of this platformer is very clear: players will have one of the six cats needed to move from the left side of the screen to the right and pick items, dodge enemies and finally complete the level. The controls of Super Cat tales are really stripped back, with players walking handled by tapping or holding any side of the screen. Similarly, double-tapping and holding will make the cat do a little dash.

Players need to collect cat bells on every level to progress through the game. There are many cats with their own special skills, for example: the first kitty can run furthermost up walls. Players would need to unlock a variety of cats with specific abilities, like being able to access dark places, or break through barriers, etc.

The opening games offer separate premium options such as no ads, infinite lives, and half-price items; you can either buy them each or all.

Pocket City

Pocket City gameplay

Codebrew Games’ quirky city building adventure Pocket City is definitely going to trigger compulsive phone checking, once you install it on your phone. Bustling with many interesting things to do, Pocket City will keep you on your toes with many quests and terrains to unlock. We are sure you will love its engaging building experience.

The plot is simple: players start with a small area of ground and pin money, but they have a big dream. They will be tasked to build roads initially, then they can begin to do different kinds of activities. They can select from commercial, suburban, and industrial zones as they like, which can be built easily by choosing a starting spot and working outwards on the grid-based map. Gamers need to ensure that all buildings have electricity and water by building water towers and power plants, and the roads connect them all together.

The game has a free-to-try version available only for Android phones, or you can buy the paid version for iOS and Android to unlock all the modes. The paid version is offered as a separate app, it is a little slice of mobile heaven with no extra payments, no insufferable ads, and other frustrating things.

Choice of the Dragon (and Other Games by Choice of Games)

Choice of the Dragon gameplay

Choice of the Dragon is basically a choicescript game: players live the life of a dragon and select their own adventure browser game. It is a multiple-choice text game that has no sound or animation but looks very beautiful on smartphones. Choice of the Dragon is easy on the eyes, well presented, immersive with a surprising length. This text-based adventure is divided into chapters or chronicles that are not too long or short, you can get through it in over an hour or two depending on your reading speed and actions. There will be numerous instances where you will wonder what would have happened if you had taken a different decision.

The game is completely free but interrupts the reading with ads. You can get rid of these with a one time in-app purchase to avoid any frustrations in reading the story. If you like this game, we recommend checking its developer Choice of Games that has other games with the same payment model.

Cryptic Crossword (and Other Games by Teazel)

cryptic crossword poster

Crosswords help to keep the memory sharp and stimulate your brain, in fact, this brain activity of solving puzzles can be helpful in saving you from memory-related disorders. Thanks to smartphones, crossword games are much easier to play than before. With their simple input system, hints, automatic answer checking, these games are an absolute must-have.

Cryptic crosswords are a bit different, or we should say a tough nut to crack. The objective of this game is to demystify the crossword format. It comes with a built-in tutorial on how to play. It uses wordplay and misdirection in the clues, but you will love its nonsensicalness.

The app offers a free “lite” version having 24 puzzles with already unlocked features. The paid version has 280 riddles. Its designer Teazel has also published other crossword games with the same payment option, and we recommend trying these games.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash gameplay

Geometry Dash is amazing, awesome, wholesome yet infamous game published by RobTop Games. It looks simple, but in reality, it is extraordinarily frustrating; a tiny blunder will kick you back to the beginning. In essence, this rhythm based game is all about geometrical shapes running to the stopping place. The trick is that each level syncs up with the beat and you are required to leap, hover, and slide with the soundtrack.

It is addicting and funny with a mix of easy and hard games, where you must move through many hurdles as you go at a dangerously fast pace. There are many crazy things going on: you will encounter things/gates that modify how the level works, inverted gravity might make you walk along the top, or a screen flip could send you ascending towards the left of the screen.

If you enjoy the free “Lite version” of this game, you can purchase the paid game with more challenges along with an online level editor.

Chess (and Other Games by AI Factory)

chess  by AI Factory

Chess, developed by AI Factory, is one of the top-ranked games on Google Play store. Unlike other games in the genre, its interface is simple with game playing AI that scales to your needs. This simple and familiar 2D game offers all the rudimentary stuff along with 12 difficult levels, easy and expert playing modes, leaderboards and cloud saving. Players can choose between eight chessboard themes for single and multiplayer games.

The free versions offer no in-app purchases but contain annoying ads. The paid version removes these intruding things and is downloadable as a separate app. Unfortunately, the game has not been released on the iOS platform yet.

AI factory has published games in other genres with similar payment plans, and we recommend checking these cool games.

Ready to Get Rid of Annoyance!

We hope that you will love installing and playing these amazing games. The paid version gives you access to all features free from those obnoxious things that degrade the quality of the game. Let us know in the comments section how many titles you downloaded and enjoyed. It would be great if you share these gems with other readers looking for great games with no pesky purchases.