PlayStation 5: The 11 Games We Want to See in 2020 and Beyond

One of the reasons PS4 became so successful was, of course, its terrific roster of games, both exclusive and non-exclusive, but constantly great. Many of them became successful franchises; but others remained just concepts, with some fragments leaking from time to time. Finally, there are some that would have been already released… if not for one factor. The lifecycle of PS4 is inevitably coming to an end; the next king is already named, so developers will do their best to provide reasons to switch to the newest console by Sony.

The specs are already announced. It won’t be wrong to assume that the developers knew them even earlier. What matters for us is 8K support, an SSD drive, and a new AMD Ryzen CPU that will empower the device to run the heaviest games. But it’s the games we play, not specs.

So, here are the games for Sony PlayStation 5 we have reasons (or at least hopes) to expect soon after the console hits the stores. Some of them have been confirmed with chances; others are just our guessing, assuming that the only reason they aren’t here yet is the new platform to come. Anyway, it would be great to see and play them.

Batman Arkham (The Next Title)

Batman Arkham screenshot

Though the franchise has been paused for some time, the new console may be the push to revive it. Rocksteady Games may take it as a signal that the fans have been missing the truest Batman for five years, and now the new platform can make the game great again. This perfectly rhymes with rumors of the new, so far untitled Batman Arkham installment that has been in production since 2015. Given that the actual developer, WB Montreal, indirectly confirmed this new game with a tweet recently, it’s probable to appear after PS5.

Horizon Zero Dawn (The Next Title)

Horizon Zero Dawn poster

We have been missing this game for some three years (four by the moment PS5 is here), and its world has a lot of detail left off-scene. The perfect illustration for it was The Frozen Wilds – an astonishing DLC, but just a DLC. As far as we know, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is already in production, being voiced and designed right now. The release is not scheduled or officially confirmed yet. The dystopian world where robots have thrown mankind back in development, and humans have to re-evolve, has a great lot to explore. 

Ratchet & Clank Hit the PS5

Ratchet & Clank Hit gameplay

It’s one of the franchises that have accompanied PlayStation since 2002, and its fans are curious to see what this platformer may look like on PS5. The reboot of 2016 wasn’t as successful as it was promising, but probably the story of an extra-terrestrial and a robot will breathe again when planted into new ground? Anyway, Sony needs some exclusive as soon as the console is released; it seems too early for the new Marvel’s Spider-Man (though we expect him back too), and Ratchet & Clank seems the perfect famous title to commemorate the premiere.

Bully 2

Bully 2 poster

The boarding school version of GTA, made by the same developer Rockstar Games, was underrated when released (probably it’s hard not to be shadowed by GTA if you are not RDR). But later the game caught up with its deserved fame and attracted millions of fans. Its sequel may be a great return for Rockstar Games. In addition, as VGC reports, the sequel has been in development for years, though never released or even hinted at. Probably the new platform will be a reason to release Bully 2 – as a new Rockstar game and as a warmup before the long-expected GTA VI.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay

It’s a rare listed title that we may witness even before the release of PlayStation 5. The game is a samurai action set in 1274 when the Mongol army tried to invade Japan. A lonely samurai opposes the hordes of the invaders, making use of his perfect knowledge of the terrain. This game has been rumored to hit the stores in summer 2020, and if it happens, it will be playable on PS4, and thus on PS5, due to versatile compatibility. But it’s the native PS5 version we are so eager to see.

God of War 2

God of War 2 poster

After the reboot, the famous franchise looks even more brutal and more epic. The first rebooted God of War became an instant hit, and a real reboot rather than a remaster. Where will Kratos go after visiting Scandinavian mythology? Will we fight Shiva, genies, or Quetzalcoatl? Santa Monica, the developer of the reboot, doesn’t answer yet. But it would be a scandal to neglect the perspective of the franchise amplified by the new platform.

Something Souls-like

soul game screenshot

Action games are now more demanding, and passing them through is harder than before, due to the new trend set by Dark Souls. Games following this trend are now known as “Souls-like”, and a new title like that is inevitable on PS5. A game like this will certainly appear for PS5; it’s questionable whether it will be the actual sequel (or at least a remake) of the original Dark Souls franchise, or something by another developer, under another name. We just want it with all our souls.

A New Gran Turismo Title

Gran Turismo game screnshot

While Xbox has Forza Horizon, PlayStation’s analogue is Gran Turismo, its top-tier racing franchise that remains here since 1997, through all the PS generations. Of course, it’s a question of time before a new installment burns rubber on PS5. But we’d like to see Polyphony Digital release it as soon as possible, so we see the new level of racing on PS5. Given that there are few good rivals to this franchise in racing (effectively, none), and acknowledging the importance of video and audio quality, we can’t wait to see and hear the tires roll and the motors roar.

Syphon Filter Reboot

Syphon Filter poster

Spy action? Well, Hideo Kojima is out with Death Stranding, but there is Syphon Filter, a franchise by Sony Bend Studio that’s often compared to Metal Gear Solid. If the studio doesn’t focus on Days Gone (we won’t argue with its sequel too), it will probably concentrate on reviving Syphon Filter, one of the best spy thrillers for PlayStation. The most complained about was the issue with a long time required to load. But probably with SSD this issue will be gone.

Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VI poster

While the previous installment has had its glory days for longer than probably any other game in history, it looks more and more obsolete, and fans have explored it all through. So the next installment (probably, well after Bully 2) will be what PS5 is made for. The new visuals and upgraded performance will lead to creating larger cities, more cars, faster speeds, and more gold. And, of course, the soundtracks will impress much more with the new PS5 audio.

A New Title by Bluepoint Gaming

Well, this is the most uncertain game on our list. We don’t know what title will be the first by Bluepoint for PS5. Probably it will be some classic title revived for the new platform, like the developer did lately. There is even a roster of candidates, including Metal Gear Solid, Demon’s Souls, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Probably there will be more. Reviving old games is anyway more fun than the same thing Hollywood does to old movies; so we expect Bluepoint Gaming to do some decent work and make old titles great again.


What game or franchise would you want to play as soon as you grab the new PlayStation? Probably you have something to add to what we say. Drop a comment down here: the world needs your thoughts!