Top Replacements for Google Apps on Android

Android users usually receive their new phones stuffed with numerous Google apps. And while some of us appreciate Google’s concern when they take care of everything from Gmail to Maps, there is still an option for those who prefer to have alternatives. Google apps may be convenient, but many users are worried about the amount of personal data the Google “gifts” need for work.

You can always go another way. There are numerous apps outside Google’s jurisdiction that I gathered here. Check them on your Android. If you have your own favorite apps, share your list in the comments below.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be easily named a central app of Google. This is also the most used browser in the world. But once you decide to leave Chrome aside, you realize that there are great browsers with similar features.

Mozilla Firefox app

Mozilla Firefox was released in 2002, long before Chrome. It has been the No 1 browser from the beginning. Since that time it continues to evolve, trying to keep up with modern demands. Its Android app is a well-functioning and easy to use the alternative of browser. The app syncs with its desktop version has a convenient system of bookmarks for users, and so on.


And let’s not forget about a good old Opera browser. It existed long before Mozilla and Chrome, and it is still the first option for many users. Opera is light-weighted and simple to control. But somehow, it stays almost unnoticed among other browsers. Despite the fact that Opera is one of the most downloaded browsers for Android phones, nobody usually talks about it. The app itself offers numerous great features. There are a working news feed and ads blocking option. The app saves the place on your phone by compressing videos and images you watch. There is a Speed Dial with quick access to your favorite websites.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google must definitely be praised for this app. Google Photos is one of the few services that users find amazingly convenient and satisfying. It offers photo storage for free and does not contain ads. But if you want to try something else, there are other photo keepers that you may appreciate.

Amazon Photos

There is photo storage on Amazon. This service is not really popular, and many users simply don’t know about it. However, it has numerous similarities with Google Photos, and Amazon Prime members will definitely find it a great deal. The app uses AI to search for locations and people. You can also upload photos in the app from the phone.


Flickr app is relatively new on the market, but it is really promising. It offers 1TB of cloud storage for free, so you can keep all your photos there. There is enough place for amateurs, but of course, if you are a professional, you may need some extra space. You can adjust your photo settings with this app and ask for help or find new friends in its community.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is definitely the most popular mapping app for Android. When it appeared, there were no better options for Android owners. But new mapping apps can become a replacement of Google Maps.


Well, yes, if you want to simply run away from Google, Waze is not your option. The app is owned by Google. But if you just need Google Maps alternative, here you go. Waze is more of a social network. For example, if you want to report about something you saw on the road, like road closure, tracking speeds police, etc., you can do it via Waze. Waze app is for cars mainly. You will not see walking or public transport options like in Google Maps.

Here WeGo

This is another mapping option for you. The app works in 132 countries. You can download free offline maps via the app and get to public transport navigation. Nokia owned, Here WeGo may not be so popular as Google Maps, but still, it does its work.


Gmail is a user-friendly service stuffed with benefits. But many users search for third-party email apps to control all their emails in one unit. This is not Gmail. And if you want to find better solutions for your Android phone, you will easily do this.


BlueMail may look less pretty, but it has gigantic potential. You can manage all your emails from various accounts, use the in-built calendar, and even enjoy the dark mode on your demand. While Gmail is not the fastest mailing app, BlueMail works quick and gives you an opportunity to sneak peek the message before opening it. If you worry that you will get lost in all your emails, use BlueMail features and organize everything the way you like.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is getting better with each new year. It is time to give the app a chance. You can use it for Gmail, Yahoo, and so on, besides the obvious Hotmail and Outlook. If you already have an Outlook on the desktop, you know why the app is worth your attention.

Google Drive

Google Drive

There is no secret that Google Drive is not the only one, and not the better one cloud storage. While it is widely used across the world, you will definitely find a better replacement. Some of these storages have more extra services for you.


Here is the one that you will love soon, if not already. Dropbox is a favorite service of many users. Its interface is clean and smooth. It works great with all the apps on Android. It has 2 GB of free space, but you can always get more without paying. Some people believe 2GB is enough for them.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another popular choice. The app syncs your phone with a computer that works on the Windows system and helps you to exchange files. If the files are shared with you, you receive a notification. You can also share your videos and photos with others. There is an auto-tagging of files that speeds up the searching process.

Google News

Google News brings you fresh news anytime you want. You can choose either you want to get in touch with local events or international. But if you are looking for other options that can replace Goole News or Google Play Newsstand, there are some good apps for you.


The app is already used by millions of Android owners. It has a magazine-style layout, and it’s well-designed. Flipboard combines video, photos, texts, social media extracts and transforms them into a piece of readable news. The app is pretty simple in navigation as well. In no time you receive access to the news you were looking for.


Inoreader app may not have all the Flipboard attractions, but it is fast and easy to use. It has an RSS base. This means that you may choose the sources of news you like and get rid of other sources so you will not even see them. If you need materials on specific topics, just pick them, and the app will look for them checking numerous sources.

Sheets, Slides, and Docs

Google Docs

The productivity of the Google package for business is well-appreciated by many Android owners. However, many people believe that there can be better services. If you’re one of them, here are a few alternatives for you.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Without a doubt, this is the best alternative for your phone. This suite was there first, and since it is still the most used in the world, perhaps it will be the last. Microsoft continues to add amazing features inside, and users across the world trust their work to Microsoft Office pack. All you need is to subscribe to Office 365 and use Excel, Word, or PowerPoint on your phone in its full power. Even without a subscription, you have access to its free versions.


This is another option for your Android. This package replaces Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps. You can enter or create files like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You may open PDF files as well. Some phone developers like Amazon, Sony, and Acer, include OfficeSuite as a basic package inside the smartphone.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is nice and goes as an in-built package on numerous Android phones. And yet, there are other calendars for your phone. Some of them may be more advanced than others. You can check them all before finding the best for you.


This is a fabulous calendar that will replace Google Calendar. The app provides you with the weather forecast and creative stickers that help you to mark important events. This app syncs with others. It is lightweight and fast at work.


Not many Android users know about this app. To win the audience, this app offers numerous features that other calendars don’t have. The design of this calendar is not really remarkable, but it runs fast and has widgets that amaze many of us. Items from the app can be seen from the home screen of your phone.


With Hangouts constantly changing and reshaping, and now coming to an end, Duo becomes not as handy as it used to be. Various apps are waiting for their time, offering better opportunities. Some of them are way more flexible.

Facebook Messenger

Well, there is no need in introducing this popular app. While some people still may ask: What is Duo? There are not so many people left on Earth who are not aware of the Messenger app. And yet, usually, this app serves as a text chat or the way to exchange hilarious emoji. Facebook Messenger can be used as a video and audio chat as well. Press the button and you will call the person you want. You can choose the video or just audio. It does not limit your options with a tet-a-tet conversation, and you can invite people to group chats.


Yes, this dinosaur is still well-alive and prospering. It is not as lightweight as Messenger, but it has a good reputation and generally works well. We all know how to use it, and many of us have it on their computers. It supports group chats, as well as one-on-one dialogues. Skype is more popular than any other chatting apps, so there are big chances that your colleagues already have the app installed.

Google Fit

Google Fit app has some outstanding features for Android users, like tracking and calculating your steps, hours of activity, and so on. It helps millions of people who want to stay in shape. But those who are looking for other options may find something better.


If you prefer running to other physical exercises, here is your chance. It checks your runs, maps them, shows your progress. This way, the app stimulates you, provides you specific goals on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike Company is not only famous for its sneakers and cool outfit, but it also developed an amazing app that keeps you fit. You receive a personal coach via the app. It helps you to follow your diet, to see your opportunities. There is a way to share your results with your friends who also use the app.

Google Pay

For many years, Google Play was and still is one of the easiest ways to receive payments from people you know. This is a great help when you are in need. Your friends may help you wherever you are, and even without this app.


Venmo is a popular app for those who have to transfer money. You can connect the app to your account in the bank directly and this is it. Send payments and receive money in a few taps. If you paid for a dinner with your friends and you want to split the payment with them, just send a request through this app.


This app is definitely more famous than Google Pay. It was here all the time. Millions of people use it. You may have used it on your computer, but now you can download it as the app. Shop online and pay in a few taps. Send and receive the money. This app allows you to send invoices and control your credit line if you have an account on PayPal. However, the app does not work properly in many countries. You need to check the information about its services before downloading it.

Google apps or alternatives?

Google apps may be already installed on your phone by phone’s developers. This does not mean that you have to keep them. I have to admit that some of them are really great and deserve a chance, but some of them can be easily replaced by other options. I have gathered here the best alternatives for you. But I know that this is not the full list. If you have something to add, just do it here.

I wonder if you use Google apps on your Android phone? Which one do you prefer? Why do you like them and would you switch to other apps? I offer you to share your own top apps here and explain why they are the best for you.